At Downsview Event Centre, we not only offer you an event space, but we design and organize your event for you, putting into practice the expertise and experience of our in-house event management teams to provide you with end-to-end seamless execution of your events, leaving your guests with an experience they will remember.


Our Services Include:

We customize the venue space as per your requirements and the number of guests. We bring into play our in-house expert teams for stage setup, seating, lighting, adorning the space and all that it takes to make it a perfect venue for your event.

We offer superior media services covering audio-visual, lighting, videography and photography services forĀ events hosted at Downsview Event Centre. In addition, we provide support with post-event production of photos, audio and video recordings and any additional media and technology requirements that you may have.

At The Rhema Events Center, we have relationships with some of the most amazing catering companies around the city and can help you host an event that your guests will remember.